What is BU?

The brand with a purpose . The brand for within 

The world is filled with, negativity, excessive violence, and constant noise pollution. The World needs more loving beings of light.The world needs more Kind Respectful Courteous People. We simply need more LOVE. To be yourself you have to fall in love with your self and that takes courage. Be yourself, the brand for within is designed to help guide you back to your foundational real self. 



We are a purpose driven company. Our brand is unique algorithm with numerous meanings and metaphors. It is extremely special and its like no other just as you are.  314 is encoded inside the house of LOVE also known as the heart chakra 639 the 4th chakra and the 4th zodiac.. Be yourself is most important phrase since the begging of time.  

Our aim is to guide your heart back to its roots. To get your heart grounded and rooted so deep within you that the foundation is secured, confident and  firm. 

When you fall in love with you , You tap into the 639 frequency and you can manifest more and attract more. Home is where the heart is. We can take you there.




Vibrational beings of light are very special and explaining in a short paragraph about light, vibration and frequency won't work. We choose this method so, we sincerely hope its helps you understand our BU brand better.

"if you only knew the magnificent of the number 3 6 9" you will have the key to the universe."  


1 2 4 8 7 5 , 1 2 4 8 7 5 makes the the infinity symbol (look closer) 3 6 9 are outside of the pattern.





Nikola Tesla

If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla


What is 314?

3.14 is the math ratio for Pi. The circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. The logo for BU was designed and made from the number 314. If you look closer and deeper within the middle you will find the 1. If you dig deeper within yourself, you will find the foundation. Mother earths Schumann resonance will pull you to the center of her core 314.




What is the self?

We are electromagnetic vibrational beings of light that exists inside your heart and around the body that your eyes cannot detect. You are not the body. 

magnetosphere | Awakening with Planet EarthWhat is our mission?

Our mission is to inspire, encourage, & guide everyone through dance by raising their vibrational frequency to 639 hertz aka the frequency of love and to take a look closer within themselves so they find love, passion, attraction, confidence, courage, security, fearlessness, and peace within. 

Dance is Ancient and its been around since the beginning of time. Its one of the best ways to raise your vibrational frequency. We are born to dance. So dance daily if you can. BU N DANCE you will have abundance.



We are not just another logo on apparel. BU is the brand for be yourself. We are the brand for within. Through auto suggestion we guide you to become what you have never been.


                                               Our Motto

--------------BE KIND --- BE COURTEOUS----BE RESPECTFUL----------------