Be Yourself Story







Growing up I was always shy, vibrationally insecure, soft spoken, kept to myself, just very different and afraid to do anything perceptively out of the ordinary. I was afraid to do anything that seemed uncomfortableI and I did not believe in myself. I was lost for 42 years. March, 2015, I went on an 8 year spiritual fitness journey and found myself through Bang Dance Fitness by Amanda Strand Fitness I am now 50 and found what I was seeking. I found everything.

 After numerous years of waking at 3:14 am, I discovered why i was waking at that repeated time. The repetative 314 pattern was everywhere. The logo for BU was designed from the number 314. If you look closer and deeper within the middle of your heart you will find the 1. If you dig deeper within yourself, you will discover everything you're seeking which is Love, Passion, Attraction, Security, Confidence, Courage, Fearlessness and Peace. 314 was a constant repetitive number that pulled me in. 314 is magnetic and I want to share my discoveries with you.

The number 3.14 is known as Pi in math,  the circumference divided by its diameter. It is balance it is the doorway, It is LOVE.

We are the official brand for be yourself. We are the brand for within. We are not just another brand. Your are investing into the most important philosophy and phrase since the beginning of time. We are calling on you to be a part of something special.

Once you discover the feeling you have been seeking, that feeling will last a lifetime.  Our mission is U.  Our products are encoded and designed to guide and empower you with grounding philosophies you need for finding the 1 so you can become what you have never been.


Be Kind!  Be Courteous! Be Respectful! 


                             The # 1 desired perception should be you!