Are you someone that loved to dance as a child? Are you someone that stopped dancing because you were in school and had a family, got bogged down with work and just had no time for your self?

Are someone that knows they need to go to the gym but has no feeling to go?

I am 51 years young and I found some secrets and hacks to slowing the aging process.



If you want to slow down aging here is one of the main thing you must do at least 3 times a week or more. I dance daily and I train daily. Weight training is now a lifestyle for me since i discovered a secret.  Obviously, your diet and exercise  is another main portion but i am here to share what dance will do for you.

I am a dance fitness instructor and many men when asked, have the perception that group dance fitness is for ladies. There is a perception that dance is a professional dance class. That could not be further from the truth.

Dance has nothing to do with Dancing. We are not dancing to become professionals. We dance to move and feel good. We are feeding the  electro magnetic vibrational being of light within.

   When we dance we activate activate and tap into a new dimension, which Nikola Tesla spoke of. We  tap into the 639 hz heart frequency of love

 The sound vibration and frequency of the speakers connects with the water in our bodies. Since water has magnetic properties, the magnet and the water connects and changes shape. The water molecules then gets crystalized thus slowing down aging. This is the fountain of youth, the drinking of the water within. 




So, if you weight train and dance daily, you can ensure you will always feel good. You will activate your heart chakra and raise your vibrations.  Dance is ancient and  we are supposed to dance. So dont be shy or be afraid what people will say. Change your perception of yourself. The #1 desired perception should be you.  Remember its not a professional dance class, its a space and community for you to move and enjoy what it feels like to be you with no judgement.  Let me know if this post helps at all. 

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Hi Wayne. My name is Asha. I met you at the gym earlier today. What an inspiring story on your blog. I was captured by your love for fitness and dance as it has transformed your way of life. I recently had a friend who moved back into the area and is a dancer. She has taken me to a few dancing spots, and I’ve had such a blast. I feel so free. As a child, my family and I used to dance. Sunday morning was cleaning the house, listening to music while we did it, and dancing. It was so fun and more importantly, so freeing. I hope to get more into dance as a passion and continue to reach for the joy. Also, I was inspired by your section about women in STEM. As a Master’s holding black woman in the field of immunology and cancer research, I know how critical having a mentor/ support is. I am glad you shared your website with me which helped me think of new directions in my life to go. Hope to see you at dance class.


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